American Idol

so i think i'm almost up to date on this season.... and damn- there is such an incredible amount of talent in this cast. but first let me start with the judges- i love the vibe this season- they actually treat the kids like peers- i loved simon cowell- but i much prefer this whole new dynamic. nice to see the judges rooting for the kids instead of tearing them down. I am now a huge J-LO fan- she's so sweet and supportive and all around awesome. now onto the kids- i keep waiting for phil phillips to shine- he's so damn cute i can't help but root for him.... but damn- i hope he sets it off again soon. still in the middle of watching the final cut episode- so i will get back to him- now onto joshua leday- this kid is a monster- i love his voice... oh phew he made it.... can't wait to see more from him. i guess this episode is cool to meet some of the kids who haven't been given a chance to shine as of yet- i like this little michael jackson kid- nico star... no idea how to spell it.oh- now they're showing the kids who crashed and burned.... yikes- i hate this part. ok- a few more a through- they sure do love to torture these kids.... yes or no- why drag it out? some of these young kids are spectacular- can't believe i didn't pay attention last year- was it any good? yay phil made it through! love this kid colton- kinda don't believe the whole "i'm just here to support" audition- but he does have flavour and seems honest- phew- it would have been brutal if he got cut again.... love how proud his little sister is- bittersweet- onto brielle- i hope she makes it through- coz i feel bad for her to have to go home to that stage mother of hers. ok- gotta get on with my day- i feel like this is gonna be a good season!! can't wait to see what happens next!

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