boys night

reed??? what the eff was that? did the judges watch the same awful hotel band version of moves like jagger? i'm so confused- that was painful..... i'm so confused- it was like muzack- but worse coz it wasn't instrumental- yikes!!!!

adam brock- ok- i know this is all new to these guys- but haven't they watched this show before? yes, he has a H U G E voice- but this is the worst karaoke i've ever seen- what is the band doing? seriously frightening arrangements------ i'm so confused..... i know these guys can play - and this kid can sing- but wow- this is so strange-

deandre- please find the note....... ouch- i love this kid and his voice and he's so cute- wow- he finally found the note- the high note was insane! he's so good when he's good- but i wish he would have sung something current- i'm into the whole throwback thing- but i want him to stick around and see what he has....

ok the judges are watching a different show----- or maybe pitch isn't relevant this year.... i don't know-

colton- please let him be good.... ok, my mind isn't blown- but that was dope- and felt honest and real. his voice is great- and he looks and sounds ready to go. ok- finally on the same page as the judges.

jeremy- he's like a teddy bear- i love him- love this kid's voice- ahhhh- he just makes me smile- i think america is definitely going to fall in love with this boy!

aaron- he sure can sing- and he seems like a sweet guy- just not connecting with him yet....

Chase- gotta love a good ole country boy- i can see him doing well in this genre- but I can't focus on anything other than wanting to fix his hair. superficial? i know.

Creighton- damn- this kid's voice is crazy and i love this song! best performance so far.... for me. original for sure. this kid better stay.... can't wait to see more! i'm rooting for him!!!

phillip- loved him since i saw him the first time- he made this song his own- so happy to see him shine! he's my #1 pick for this season. with or without this show this kid is going to be a force. love how he highlighted the darkness of that song.

eben- uh oh- adele- tall order- yikes----- so off key.... i feel bad- i'm sure he's nervous- but this song is on the radio every 10 seconds and his voice just isn't there.... 15.... so nuts- he is gonna get there- just not yet.....

heejun- going in on robbie williams- and- he's just funny and sweet and has an awesome! loving this version, too- and yes- he killed the change- yes!!!! love this kid!!! i wanna see lots more of him.... how was that the wrong song????

joshua- love this kid's tone.... never heard this song before- but i don't care what he sings- it doesn't matter- he murders everything! i believe!!! he just set the bar super effing high- i feel bad for anyone who has to follow him!

jermaine- welcome back.... although i was secretly hoping for johnny keyser- am actually still surprised he got cut... anyway- this guy is so sweet and has a GREAT voice so I wish him luck-

my top 5 picks for the boys-

damn i hope they make it!

what do you guys think???


  1. Samantharonson Samantharonson says:

    i actually choose jeremy over deandre,,,,

  2. tc tc says:

    phillip and joshua were the best. deandre seems to be nice but this performance was pretty creepy. i watched it the first time so i don’t have a general view.jeremy would be my #3, he has such a soft and lovely voice.
    jermaine has a high recognition value and a special voice but i don’t know if i like this voice or not. why did eben sing adele?? it could just go wrong……..and yes the reeeeeeeeeed performance was off-key. who persuaded him to do moves like jagger in this way??!