someone please take this child's video game privileges away!!!


  1. Samantharonson Samantharonson says:

    i sure do hope his parents saw this….

  2. iamanyache iamanyache says:

    It’s very scary to watch this video :(

  3. irenecrusats irenecrusats says:

    Yes , really the videogames are so litlle a –
    ddictive … I have old xbox & play3 & its
    easy for me understand this guy …

    I recomend to this guy to read 2 books :

    – Guitar for a Dummies

    – DJ manual . ( Frank broughton , Bill

    Brewster ) .

    Almost , make sports with the friends ….

  4. irenecrusats irenecrusats says:

    This guy need change the console for one good

    guitar !!!

    I play sports with the friends …

  5. Stacey Stacey says:

    Is it bad that I laughed immediately?