TAO Beach Grand Opening Weekend

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    In the past few years, there is little about Samantha and her kin’s pedigree that has gone undiscovered. In addition to the shared surname, the siblings are all also intensely talented: brother Mark is a Grammy nominated producer, and twin sister Charlotte is a successful fashion designer. Then there is Samantha’s storied career behind the decks. In getting so caught up in the things one thinks they know about Samantha Ronson, there is a danger that one might miss one of the best parts- her lifelong love and talent of playing, making and writing music. The latest proof comes in the form of Chasing the Reds, her debut album out on her own label, Broken Toy Records.
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    • Need to be here and to read this much interesting article. Good to see this impressive article. Need so...
    • Where are you these days, Samantha?
    • Hey Samantha. Please shoot me an email.
    • Celine is AWESOME!!!!!
    • ok last comment lol : OMG that cover of tonight ?!?! Better than the actual song … U ARE AMAZING...