North Carolina

for those of you surprised by North Carolina's vote result.... here is a list they can add it to...

  1. kk kk says:

    F*ck, I totally wanted to use my elephant to plow the fields.. sh*t.

  2. Samantharonson Samantharonson says:

    i really loved that one!

  3. kk kk says:

    They’re just so d*mn good at COTTON… man.

  4. GayGirlRevolution GayGirlRevolution says:

    That’s sex, bingo and singing off limits for me. What the hell do people do to pass the time in NC? #backwards

  5. eloisa masevoli eloisa masevoli says:

    hi sam! do you believe in love without sex? there are people who do not need sex. they are called “asexual”. what do you think about these people? i think, their love is a pure feeling. i know one asexual girl who loves you. she is very irresolute, so she don’t worries you. imagine you in her place. what would you have done? does she have any chance to contact with you in web? i say not about me, she is my best friend. and i can not see how she suffers. hope, you answer at least about asexual people. thank you.