Sometimes when you win you lose/Skyscrapers Live 5.1.12 Manderley Bar


  1. susanholmes susanholmes says:

    love your music, been requesting it weekly on a extemely popular radio station in chicago for weeks, sent you good wishes for years via myspace, yes that long ago, twitter for years, and the mean old lobster twit gets replies weekly, at least. I play your album outside all the time and turn folks on to your shit – for naught. we said hi years ago at a milwaukee bar you dj’d.
    i guess old rock and rollers are not good for your “social media” pulp.
    Yea, even old rockers can get hurt feelings.
    and fans who support and support who are ignored, get hurt. Oh well, xanax and a keyboard; not a great combo.

  2. susanholmes susanholmes says:

    AND I own every Foreigner album, and seen them 5 times. Thus the interest in Mark and Amywinehouse, a true legend in her own time, and one of the best produced alum in years. and you, with built this way, ciggie song, some rain song, I found another talent. thats it.

  3. kk kk says: