what do you guys wanna see more of on here? any ideas???? i would love this blog to be more interactive.... the replies are sporadic....

  1. Carmen Carmen says:

    I’d like to see more about music, art and literature that inspires you. Not just ‘this is a good song’ but also why you like it.

    I’m also curious about what’s going on in the studio.

    And if you start or end each post with a question you will probably get more replies ;)

  2. irenecrusats irenecrusats says:

    Hi !!!! I’m with you Carmen !!! Almost I’m

    courious about the dj world !!! Is possible

    you give advice of anything else of this !!!

    Thanks !!!

  3. GayGirlRevolution GayGirlRevolution says:

    Great suggestions from the ladies there.

    In terms of interactivity, to increase it, probably tenfold or more, your input may be needed. A quick response here and there would go down a treat. You watch! Obviously that takes time but whatever your schedule can permit.

    If it’s more comments that floats your boat, as Carmen suggested, ask questions. Asking for our input is appreciated. You’ve just done it!

    A quick scan over your last few blog posts sees a personal element in action – take the ‘Thank You and Live with Kelly’ post for example. That particular blog post hints at suggestions of its own. People like you and they want to know more about you. That was quite a ‘human’ and ‘personal’ post. We got to see you. It’s a popular method – honest and genuine.

    You’re very admired and as such the real you will always find favor. It’s what people like.

    I’ll conclude with a final suggestion. We all love photographs! Ya can’t deny it! The odd pic here and there flashing your cheeky grin would add to that personal element I’m talking about, and who knows what else… ;) People are interested in where you’re at and what you’re at. It reminds us that we could all be living our dreams ;) Photos will work well.

    Actually, I’ll conclude with this instead. I think it’s fantastic that you’ve made time to keep a blog in the first place. So thank you! Keep up the great work Sam!

  4. susanholmes susanholmes says:

    your input may be needed. A quick response here and there would go down a treat. You watch! People are interested in where you’re at and what you’re at. It reminds us that we could all be living our dreams

  5. susanholmes susanholmes says:

    love your music, been requesting it weekly on a extemely popular radio station in chicago for weeks, sent you good wishes for years via myspace, yes that long ago, twitter for years, and the mean old lobster twit gets replies weekly, at least. I play your album outside all the time and turn folks on to your shit – for naught. we said hi years ago at a milwaukee bar you dj’d.
    i guess old rock and rollers are not good for your “social media” pulp.
    Yea, even old rockers can get hurt feelings.
    and fans who support and support who are ignored, get hurt. Oh well, xanax and a keyboard; not a great combo.


    May 8, 2012 at 2:03 am

    AND I own every Foreigner album, and seen them 5 times. Thus the interest in Mark and Amywinehouse, a true legend in her own time, and one of the best produced alum in years. and you, with built this way, ciggie song, some rain song, I found another talent. thats it, treat your fans with some respect.

  6. Carmen Carmen says:

    Susanholmes, how is Samantha supposed to know about what you do and what you are expecting Samantha to do and how you are there getting all upset and keeping scores? You say that you are an old rocker, but you come off very childish and a bit rude, to be honest. Chill!

  7. vbhappy vbhappy says:

    I would love you to blog more about music or anything that inspires you. I used to love your myspace blogs and I miss reading your stuff, I think you are a great writer.

  8. susanholmes susanholmes says:

    oh Carmen, if you are 51 and still playing in pick up jams @ the local bars, you must be a child. If I was rude, I blame the clock and Xanax. I am so chill. Thank you

  9. kk kk says:

    mhm, writewritewrite :}

  10. zee_aziz zee_aziz says:

    yikes! for once, would love to visit your fansite w/out the twitter drama & FB hate but alas…

    i agree with suggestions above; music, lit, current project you’re working on, what inspires you etc. and i’m always curious about your choice for song of the day, are they what inspire you at the moment or just random?
    and yes, write more please!

    p/s: susanholmes, svholmes, ozium or whatever alias you’re using these days; i’m not mean …just old. :o )

  11. fabio fabio says:

    I agree with most of the posts on here! Post about stuff you like and why you like them. Or how about a cheeky vid of just you playing your guitar from time to time? Oh and as a vet student I’d love to see more pictures of Cadillac! xx

  12. susanholmes susanholmes says:

    my post to samantha was under another topic. Apologies all around.

  13. eloisa masevoli eloisa masevoli says:

    hi samantha! one question: after posting my comment can i delete it?

  14. spyderworks7023 spyderworks7023 says:

    How about some vinyl toy / art collection posts?