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i know it's really hard for people to restrain themselves from expressing their opinions, but i wonder if they know how hurtful the things they say can be? i also know that people like to put each other in a box and have a hard time when said box no longer fits the occupant. however, the negative reaction makes no sense to me. i'm pretty certain that I'm not the only one who has more than one goal or love or desire, so why is it so hard for others to just live and let live? Today was crazy, i haven't been that nervous in, shit- i don't know when- physically trying to force my hands to steady themselves was impossible- no matter what I told myself, but the fear of putting myself out there has kept me from pursuing my goal for a long time, and i finally had to decide to just say, "fuck it"- i try to live a life that i can look back on and be proud of. i'd rather fall on my face trying, than sit on my couch wondering "what if?" i've never pretended to be anyone other than who I am, i'm no christina aguilera when it comes to vocals- but my voice is mine, my songs are honest and real and my band is fucking awesome. why can't i play records and make my own? what does one have to do with the other? if you don't like it, fine- just keep it moving- let me spend my time thanking those who support me.

so on that note- a thank you to all who tuned in today and made me feel strong enough to go out there, at what usually would be the middle of the night for me, and play a song. i'm not 100% comfortable being on stage..... yet...... but knowing that i had you all to count on made it a whole lot easier. i know sometimes i respond to the haters more than to those who are kind, i suppose i'm not quite at ease with accepting a compliment- but trust me, they all make me smile and let me know that i am doing what i'm supposed to be doing and no-one should have the power to make me hide. i'll quit if/when i decide- and i'll keep dj'ing because I LOVE it and it supports my music habit.... so with that said------ thank you for the love and spread the word!!!! let the haters hate.... themselves.


hope to see some of you at my show tonight in NYC.

  1. kk kk says:

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  4. Stacey Stacey says:

    Damn right gurl! I’ll always support you and will b there to tell ur haters to shut the fuck up hehe! U r right about ur voice and ur going about things the right way and u know ur true fans will always b here like ME lol fuckin rock on! Xo
    Love always,
    Stacey-arguably your biggest fan ;)

  5. irenecrusats irenecrusats says:

    Well singed SAmantha & underthakers !!!!! I hate the perfection I love your honesty , cretivity …. Thanks for all !!!

  6. irenecrusats irenecrusats says:

    me the second please !!”!! …

  7. EdnaEspinosa EdnaEspinosa says:

    You’re awesome!!:D

  8. manallovesellen manallovesellen says:

    Inspirational! Your amazing :)

  9. iamanyache iamanyache says:

    You’re the best!!! Do not pay attention to the stupid haters, they are not worthy it. You are the most remarkable of all the people I know :)

  10. sdlloyd374 sdlloyd374 says:

    The universe just gave you a present:
    to keep chasing the reds
    life imitating art
    another reason to continue your part
    and to wait for June in the city :-)

  11. fabio fabio says:

    I think the world is full of cookie-cutter popstar voices, and it’s refreshing to hear an honest and unique voice, like yours on my itunes! So keep your head held high, throw on some sweet hater-blockers and keep on making your music!


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  13. xsullengirlx xsullengirlx says:

    I can’t believe people would go out of their way to criticize someone for doing what they love to do. If only we were all so lucky to get the opportunity, and if only more of us had the guts to stand up and do it regardless of what others think. I was proud watching you on live with Kelly, I knew you’d probably be nervous, but that’s to be expected when you haven’t had a lot of experience on a huge live TV show. I don’t think your nerves showed at all, you did it and you did it well. Your true fans and people who are fans of music in general are the only ones who matter. The haters and the naysayers mean nothing. They are sitting on their ass behind a computer screen (probably in their dingy underwear and mismatched socks snacking on microwave burritos) passing judgment on someone who is actually LIVING their dream. I’d say you have the upper hand Sam, so don’t let them get you down. Keep doing your thing. I think your music, your style and your voice is amazing and unique. Great job, keep on singing.

  14. Lu Polive Lu Polive says:

    you’re wonderful, sweet, talented and I love to follow you and fuck your enemies!!

  15. Lisa Lisa says:

    Samantha- don’t you express your opinions on other people too? You weren’t that bad, but I think you could have picked a better song that you sound better on, maybe this song would have worked if you had Wale there to do his part, but otherwise another song would have been better.
    Have you actually watched your performance yet? You should, and then you’d see why maybe some people had that reaction, I think even you would have tweeted something negative if this was someone else, you do that all the time. If you’re gonna go on national TV, you better grow some think skin.

  16. GayGirlRevolution GayGirlRevolution says:

    What the hell happened? Not go so well? I didn’t have the luxury of seeing your performance.

    Whatever happened Samantha, just remember, people love to give out. It helps them feel alive! Especially when they have little going on in their own lives. There is a difference between feedback and criticism. The latter is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike. The former is priceless. Differentiate between the two, use the gold and trash the rest.

    Ships in a harbor are safe. But that’s not what ships are built for. Feeling fear tells us we’re trying something new. It’s good. Leaders lead the way for everyone else. They try new things. Why follow the herd, you’ll only end up stepping in their shit. Keep leading the way Samantha.

    Yeah things won’t work out all the time, but so what. Fall down seven times, dammit, get up eight times.

    Keep on keeping on, soldier ;)

  17. Lady D Lady D says:

    Seen you for the first time yesterday and was fascinated by your authenticity. Something you rarely see today:)

  18. Carmen Carmen says:

    Samantha, there is no crying in baseball!

    I think you did a respetcable job out there. You were visibly very nervous though and you gotta get rid of that. It’s like an anchor you are putting on yourself and it’s holding you back and it doesn’t let your personality to shine through.

    What’s there to be so nervous about? That somebody might find you cute and your songs catchy and buy your album? Would that be that terrible? :) Or that somebody would find something negative to say about you? Listen, couple of years ago I went to see Bob Dylan live in concert. And I saw people getting up and leaving because “he really sucks at singing and Enrique Iglesias last week was much better and had all those dancers”. Crazy, but that’s what you gotta deal with.

    You have survived years of media pressure and gossip bloggers’ bullying, you are one of the bravest women I know and one of the very few people I actually look up to.

    Looking forward to seeing you and your band live this summer!

  19. Malevolent Deception Malevolent Deception says:

    I know this is months behind, whatever ;P. I really have to say this. You are extremely talented. The haters can all suck it, why some may ask well personally I think the “POP” of today is so Bubble Gum 99% auto tune with voice correctors and tempo changes and additions that are completely unnecessary. Granted Christina can sing but honestly, the over use of the long notes is extremely annoying. I would rather listen to someone with heart who sounds the same live as they do on their record. (not saying she doesn’t) You are an amazing artist all around and so completely humble it makes me like you more as a person.
    Like Carmen said above me .. Dude you have dealt with the media shinning a bad light on you with a shit storm of untrue allegations and look you still have an EPIC fan base; whether it is DJing or Singing or hell even just being you.

    Don’t let them get to you. Since you love to quote songs here is a little one for you and some wisdom from someone only a year younger ;P

    ” Love is a battle Field”..You love what you do. Fight for it. Don’t let anyone knock you down.. Mad Love.. Much Respect..

    Postin outta Ontario, Canada in a little town where I know I’ll never get to see ya ;P Peace, Love, Harmony 4E