Chasing The Reds Acoustic performance plus interview with YoungHollywoodTV


  1. kk kk says:

  2. milan milan says:

    Beautiful symbolism in this song. Deep interpretation. Good!

  3. Lizzielou Lizzielou says:

    I just stumbled upon your album and it is fantastic! I have had it on repeat for the past two days at work and hope you play in Boston sometime soon.

  4. friend friend says:

    Should we chasing the black? Why the remixed ballads are the death alike? Madonna made it great. We know that she feels pain and she expresses her deepest emotions artistic way. Maybe you love the other things in life aside what is called a “love” in a Western world?

  5. friend friend says:

    By the way, I love you, I like some your Jewish wisdom and positive background. And I find funny your childhood falling. Moreover, always were fond of your interesting face. You have some charm inside, secret, British sadness. You made me happy as a magician.