Summer Of Sam

this should warm you up a bit

  1. iamanyache iamanyache says:

    Thanks to your hot video, I got into the summer, despite the snow outside my window :) Thank you, Samantha :) You are the best!

  2. Samantharonson Samantharonson says:

    what’s your favourite part? i like the kid doing the flip out of the bowl at the skate park.

  3. iamanyache iamanyache says:

    Yes, the kid is very cool and smiles so cute into the camera :) I like how you show to the moon, this is my favourite moment :)
    All in all video is a very merry and positive!

  4. iamanyache iamanyache says:

    Can I ask you? Which video will be next?

  5. friend friend says:

    There were a movie about skateboarding and a life of two brothers, one after death of another started to be the first, and fell in love with his girlfriend, the real Easter of the soul and family virtues.

  6. marie-line marie-line says:

    omg… I can’t believe how gorgeous u are and how talented u are also. U are, to me, a true artist. A true artist whow dosent need the fame to define her self. I love u !! We can feel ur roots, and i feel so blessed just for being able to hear ur sound. U are one of not so many true artist and please, just stay true to yourself ( I have no doubt u will) U are inspiration to me. That song is good and I love seeing u in the video but my fav song is tuesday. I can totally relate to the lyrics. I ADORE U !! tank u for just being YOU.

  7. marie-line marie-line says:

    best part ? Just u playing guitar

  8. marie-line marie-line says:

    ok last comment lol : OMG that cover of tonight ?!?! Better than the actual song … U ARE AMAZING SAM! for real … Were u singning that about me ?! lolll Damn i wish ! hahahaha Love ya ! xo

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