Common Sense

as i was cleaning up my email inbox i ran across a bunch of Direct Message emails from twitter- 90% of them where asking for favours- please RT this or check out my..... if you like it (which is a trap) please spread the word..... Now, even if i "do like it"- chances are my A.D.D. will interrupt my intention to tweet whatever link you copied and pasted. It's all fine and cool to ask for favours, I'm generally happy to promote friends / people I respect- but every now and then it's nice to receive an email/text/dm that isn't asking for something. It's super easy- if you think you have something coming up that you're gonna need help promoting send a "how are you doing?" message outside the window of- you're obviously about to ask for something-

i'm sure i'm nowhere near the only one who feels this way- these kinds of people are everywhere- to quote wednesday addams- "I'm a homicidal maniac- they look just like everyone else." maybe it's because we live in an age where flagrant self promotion is not only acceptable, but almost encouraged or maybe it's something else? i don't know- i just know that if i didn't write this, the next person to ask a favour of me would have been super sorry.

Please RT ;)

(just kidding)

  1. Bim Bim says:

    I never know if you’re recommending something because you genuinely like it or it’s a mate of yours. (I’ve watched dome right ‘ol shit because of you haha!)
    Good to see you not getting walked over anymore. I bet people see you as a soft target – you seem so nice!
    Can you blog more, please Samantha? I used to like your blogs.

  2. Samantharonson Samantharonson says:

    i always say if it’s a friend “homie” i’m promoting- sometimes i just have weird taste ;)

  3. friend friend says:

    Oh, Samantha Ronson&Ronson, to be a poet must be great. “Глаголом жги сердца людей!” A Word is a name of God, Бог Слово!

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