been in the studio a lot- looking forward to previewing some of these songs.... what have you all been up to?

  1. irenecrusats irenecrusats says:

    Nice read this !!! I love your music !!!

  2. irenecrusats irenecrusats says:

    Nice read this !!! I love your music !!! :)

  3. friend friend says:

    Cheers! Recently, I have edited Madonna’s file and I loved so much her music. I have so much music files, yours – 130MB. If I lived in LA, I would be your friend maybe. So much in common. Love you.

  4. coolcat44663 coolcat44663 says:

    Hey Samantha,
    where can I get a copy of the song in and out of love?

  5. coolcat44663 coolcat44663 says:

    Hey Samantha,
    i ordered your Chasing the reds CD! I absolutely love your music…
    Unfortunately, i ordered it on June 8th, I have still not received it :(
    Please help! i have e-mailed broken toy records, through my receipt on June the 17th, and again on the 24th….Not sure if it typically takes this long to deliver? the money was taken from my checking account on 6-10-13….but the reciept still continues to say tracking…so im not sure exactly what happened , but if there is anyway you can help out…it would be great! i listen to your CD on my laptop all the time, but I sooo want to CD so i an crank it up!
    Help!!!!!!!! or at least send me in the right direction to someone who can help!
    thank you so much!

  6. coolcat44663 coolcat44663 says:

    sorry, not “tracking” but the status is pending…I am not thinking I want to put my order number or anything on here??? so if you could even get me a phone number? i found it on amazon & was just gonna buy it again but its a download…& i really want an actual CD…..
    OK…ENOUGH BABBLING…LOL, I just cant wait to get it…
    :) )

  7. CaperMovie CaperMovie says:

    …is happy to sit in a sunny beergarden…greetings from munich!

  8. jennybr jennybr says:

    Hey Samantha. Please shoot me an email.

  9. KksChaos KksChaos says:

    Where are you these days, Samantha?

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