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Reply Five(five)outof Six(six)queries theQuestion from Booklet. BeginEACHanswer a newpagein theAnswer on Booklet.

lndicate obviously answers arecancelled,any. that if Whereapplicable, showclearly stepstakenin arriving the alternatives at and point out ALL assumptions. Do notopenthisQuestion Booklet until eventually instructed.

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Note : ii. Thereare TWELVE(twelve)pagesin this Query Booklet such as thecoverpage. System booklet be offered.

will Univ er s j- t l Teknologi PETRONAS UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI P E T RO NA S @t C OU R S E Day TIME GA B 2O13 82133. / SM Enterprise Statistics / QUANTITATIVE Process 27 MAY2008(TUESDAY) two . Response 5(five)outof 6(6)queries theQuestion from Booklet.

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BeginEACHanswer a newpagein theAnswer on Booklet. lndicate obviously answers arecancelled,any. that if Whereapplicable, showclearly stepstakenin arriving the options at and show ALL assumptions.

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Do notopenthisQuestion Booklet until finally instructed. Take note : ii.

Thereare TWELVE(twelve)pagesin this Question Booklet including thecoverpage. Method booklet be presented. will Univ er s it l Teknologi PETRONAS a GAB2013/ B2133 SM Answerany 5(5) inquiries. ,r,"/ I , contrast comparison essay samples websites that write essays for you body image argumentative essay ,/l / U/ Table Ql reportsa frequency distribution mobilephone charges for a of sample 50 pupils Perakduringthe monthof April2008.

of in T A BLEQl: M obile Mobile phone Costs Amount of money(RM) eight u p to one Frequency | | 3 100upto one hundred twenty one 2 0u p to 1 forty 1 four u p to 1 60 one six 0u p to one eighty 1 eight 0u p to two 00 I | | | | 8 12 sixteen seven four issues. Basedon the abovedata,respond to subsequent the i.

cellular phone th C a l cu l a te e me a nof the m obile bills. the Estimate conventional deviation. [three marks] iii. Use the Empirical Ruleto estimate proportion billswithintwo the of common deviations the indicate. Whatare theselimits? of i o ' iV *i 'tzd tr, – t3 marksl two ' , GAB2013/ B2133 SM t – (i iv. According Chebyshev to Theorem leastwhat percent the costs at of w i l ll i e b e tw e e n M a hundred and one and one hundred eighty.

Determine rangeof the sample? the [2 marks] vi. youranswer. Whatis the manner? Interpret [two marks] v i i.

yo C o mp a re u r ca l culated ean and m ode. W hat conclusion m can you makewith regards the skewness? to [two marksj viii. Whatis the probability a student's will exceedRM a hundred and sixty? that bill [2 marks] L GAB2013/SM B2133 two. a. purchased typesof mutual An investor two fund namelylttikal Fund and lslamicDividend Fund. The goal was to achievesteady expansion cash overthe medium longterm periodby investing a to in portfolio investments of that complywith ShariahPrinciples. The probabilitythat the cash will appreciate are . rnOur editors will enable you deal with any issues and get an A !rnWe will ship an essay sample to you in two Hrs. If you will need aid more rapidly you can usually use our custom creating support. rnrnThis tactic generally emphasis on full purpose and scope of the business enterprise. Company system mostly ideas to offer with stakeholder anticipations. This incorporates established the goal and scope of the all things to do of corporation. In this the place of small business in sector and what style of competition is there all take in corporate tactic. rnThis style of approach includes actions like how a business will give good competition in a unique sector.

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