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Learn something new everyday

Did you guys know that u can listen to my music on Xbox 360 thru the Zune marketplace? I didn’t. Was just looking around and found it. That’s pretty cool, huh? Well- to me it is. Crazy to think that this time last year I was just writing and messing around in the studio- shit- it wasn’t so long ago that I was wondering if it would ever even see te light of day. Doing this by myself seemed like such an incredibly daunting task- and well- I was right. It’s sooooo much work and on top of that all the traveling to Dj to pay for everything is exhausting- but I’m not even close to complaining- because I know how lucky I am to be able to do what I love day and night. And I’m lucky to have people like you supporting me. Because believe me- I can’t do it without you! So thank you. And please spread the word so I can raise enough money to go on the road and play this stuff for you live! Ok. Back to work- ok- well a little call of duty (black ops) first! Coz- if I didn’t play I would never have known about this outlet!

DJ Set at Chateau Nightclub Las Vegas, NV

check out this video i did….

Charlotte Ronson Fall 2012 Fashion Show

DJ Gig, Atlantic City MIXX


Heya! Welcome to the new site. Been working on it for a while, ok- well- I’ve been emailing with the people who have been doing the real work. I have to thank Kenny and Hamad and Alyssa also Mina Kwon for the icons. Anyway- check it out and lemme know what u think. I can update from my phone which is awesome so I plan on posting all the time. Finally have a place where u can find out where and where i will be playing and dj’ing. Anyway- hope u guys are enjoying the record and thanks for all the support!!! Xoxo


MTV Buzzworthy: New Songs: Samantha Ronson, ‘Chasing The Reds’ And ‘Until It’s Yesterday’

Posted 1/11/12 2:54 pm ET by David Greenwald in Celebrity, Music

While you might know Samantha Ronson for her skillz on the 1s and 2s, some of you might not know that Sam is also a singer/songwriter herself, and she has been for quite some time. (FYI: That totally fetch song “Built This Way” on the “Mean Girls” soundtrack? That’s her!) Now Samantha’s once again putting the turntables behind her on her debut album, Chasing The Reds, an 11-track collection with help from Slash, Wale and Phantom Planet‘s Alex Greenwald.