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Top 5 songs

working on a little project and wanted some input…. what are your top favourite songs to hear when you are out at a club or in a bar? songs that always make u wanna dance—- current or old….


Song Of The Day 7.23.12

Love this song

Summer of Sam


check out my amazingly talented sister!!!

i like this

So Awesome!

my homie and one of my favourite artists, Alec Monopoly, just handed over my guitar with a whole lot of flavor added…. this kid is sick!!!

Chasing The Reds Acoustic performance plus interview with YoungHollywoodTV

This is AWESOME!!

i can’t deny that kobe is one of the best in the game- but it doesn’t mean I have to like him… and so, i don’t…. regardless of whether you like him or not, this is fucking funny!

Another one that always makes me laugh