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this actually made me laugh out loud

enjoy…. you might even learn something new

what to wear?

trying to decide what i should wear for Live With Kelly? ideas????

check out this link to see the choices….

also more choices here

keep in mind i will be mixing and matching with my own stuff…..

Happy Monday

gloomy morning in LA- but lots going on to force some sun through those clouds…. rehearsing today to get ready for our performance on Live With Kelly on May 1st- am really excited about that- nervous because it will be our first live TV performance (and hopefully not the last) i hope you all watch and support- had so much fun dj’ing on the show and Kelly was so sweet and cool- so that makes it not so scary- did anyone catch the show when I dj’d?

still trying to get the $$$$ together to shoot a video for Summer of Sam, before summer is over…. yikes! what else? hopefully we will be playing some more live shows soon- which cities would you like to see us perform in?

ok- off to rehearsal- hope everyone is having a great start to their week!

xo s

Chasing The Reds pt 2

did you guys check out the new version of Chasing The Reds ?

this is amazing

I Heart Ronson

one of the best things about having a twin sister has always been sharing clothes…. having a twin sister who is a clothing designer is just one more added bonus! i’m a lucky lady!!!

you can go here to buy the clothes…


in some pretty good company

did a live acoustic performance in NYC for Lastfm- should have the video soon.

this is funny

have you guys tried this yet?

pull my hair out

pull my hair out video

it’s pretty classic that this was the song we made the video for when i was on roc-a-fella- because it basically sums up the entire experience…. enjoy