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Did you guys know that u can listen to my music on Xbox 360 thru the Zune marketplace? I didn’t. Was just looking around and found it. That’s pretty cool, huh? Well- to me it is. Crazy to think that this time last year I was just writing and messing around in the studio- shit- it wasn’t so long ago that I was wondering if it would ever even see te light of day. Doing this by myself seemed like such an incredibly daunting task- and well- I was right. It’s sooooo much work and on top of that all the traveling to Dj to pay for everything is exhausting- but I’m not even close to complaining- because I know how lucky I am to be able to do what I love day and night. And I’m lucky to have people like you supporting me. Because believe me- I can’t do it without you! So thank you. And please spread the word so I can raise enough money to go on the road and play this stuff for you live! Ok. Back to work- ok- well a little call of duty (black ops) first! Coz- if I didn’t play I would never have known about this outlet!

check out this video i did….


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Heya! Welcome to the new site. Been working on it for a while, ok- well- I’ve been emailing with the people who have been doing the real work. I have to thank Kenny and Hamad and Alyssa also Mina Kwon for the icons. Anyway- check it out and lemme know what u think. I can update from my phone which is awesome so I plan on posting all the time. Finally have a place where u can find out where and where i will be playing and dj’ing. Anyway- hope u guys are enjoying the record and thanks for all the support!!! Xoxo