This is AWESOME!!

i can’t deny that kobe is one of the best in the game- but it doesn’t mean I have to like him… and so, i don’t…. regardless of whether you like him or not, this is fucking funny!

Another one that always makes me laugh

Gentlemen to bed!

Live Performance Monday May 28th

Los Angeles show- hope to see you all there!!!

Top Ten

when i was dj’ing last night someone asked me to give them my top ten list of songs that always work when i’m dj’ing- i didn’t have enough time then- but i promised i would post a list here- hopefully you guys can use this for some summer parties…. you know- get the party started off right :)

1. Jackson 5- I want you back- idiot proof
2. Beyonce- Crazy in Love- i know it’s not old enough to be a classic- and not new enough- but trust me
3. Jay Z- public service announcement
4. Madonna- Into the Groove
5. DMX- Party up in here
6. Nelly- Hot in Herre- weird choice- i know- but it has been working for me this summer
7. Stevie Wonder- Signed, Sealed, Delivered
8. Sly and The Family Stone- Dance to the music
9. Marvin Gaye- Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
10. Michael Jackson- Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough

I can’t wait for this!!!!