Charlotte Ronson for Sephora

another example of why my twin wins the “better half” award.

Live Show NYC May 1st

seeing as we are all going to be in town for the Live With Kelly Performance- we thought it would be fun to play a full show. am super excited coz i get to see Sleep No More which I keep hearing is amazing. anyway- come through- gonna be an interesting show- been rehearsing for the last week and we have come up with some cool new arrangements that you won’t hear anywhere else….. and if that isn’t awesome enough, i’m going to DJ a set after! can’t lose…. right?

AWOL Nation

accidentally came across this remix i did for one of my favourite songs off the AWOL Nation record, GUILTY FILTHY SOUL….. Wale killed his verse…. hope y’all like it…..

eye candy

anyone know where i can find these? i just want to stare at them every night before i fall asleep!

this actually made me laugh out loud

enjoy…. you might even learn something new

what to wear?

trying to decide what i should wear for Live With Kelly? ideas????

check out this link to see the choices….

also more choices here

keep in mind i will be mixing and matching with my own stuff…..