MTV Buzzworthy: New Songs: Samantha Ronson, ‘Chasing The Reds’ And ‘Until It’s Yesterday’

Posted 1/11/12 2:54 pm ET by David Greenwald in Celebrity, Music

While you might know Samantha Ronson for her skillz on the 1s and 2s, some of you might not know that Sam is also a singer/songwriter herself, and she has been for quite some time. (FYI: That totally fetch song “Built This Way” on the “Mean Girls” soundtrack? That’s her!) Now Samantha’s once again putting the turntables behind her on her debut album, Chasing The Reds, an 11-track collection with help from Slash, Wale and Phantom Planet‘s Alex Greenwald.

The title track finds Samantha picking up the guitar, chugging through a tense alt-rock song that reminds us of the garage attack of the Hives or long-gone lady trio Luscious Jackson. It’s the first song we can think of that sounds this poetic about being pulled over by the po-po: “I’m looking ahead, I see lights flash behind/Blue, red and white like the fourth of July.” Another song, “Until It’s Yesterday,” shows a lighter side of the musician, offering fairy tale-pretty acoustic guitars along with hand-claps and a kids’ choir cuter than a Justin Bieber poster.

While we hope Ronson hasn’t put her dancin’ days completely behind her, we’re intrigued to hear what’s next. (And crossing our fingers for a co-headlining tour with brother Mark dubbed “Experience Ronson.” Make it happen!) Chasing The Reds is out now on her own label, Broken Toys Records.

Source: MTV Buzzworthy Blog

Original Article: New Songs: Samantha Ronson, ‘Chasing The Reds’ And ‘Until It’s Yesterday’


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    In the past few years, there is little about Samantha and her kin’s pedigree that has gone undiscovered. In addition to the shared surname, the siblings are all also intensely talented: brother Mark is a Grammy nominated producer, and twin sister Charlotte is a successful fashion designer. Then there is Samantha’s storied career behind the decks. In getting so caught up in the things one thinks they know about Samantha Ronson, there is a danger that one might miss one of the best parts- her lifelong love and talent of playing, making and writing music. The latest proof comes in the form of Chasing the Reds, her debut album out on her own label, Broken Toy Records.
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